Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Back in September 2007 I committed to a project that would make a difference and be noticed by people that might not normally take note of environmental issues. The project takes the form an an electric race car designed to compete with purpose built petrol powered cars. The starting point for the project is the Saker GT which is a successful space frame chassis car designed in NZ and raced all over the world. Our car is known as the Electric Saker.

EV technology is at a stage now, that if you are willing to spend the money, it is realistic to create a car that will out perform most petrol powered cars. The costs are still high, but they are now comparable to what some people have spent on their conventional race cars.

On Saturday I received confirmation of the delivery dates for our Electric Saker's motor and controller. Everything going to plan, the delivery is expected to arrive at our workshop on 31st July (one month exactly). We eagerly await this as it sets in motion the rest of our project schedule. This schedule and many other things are documented on our project wiki. Please have a look around. Although this wiki is largely intended for the project team, we encourage others to become involved. If you have relevant information and feel so inclined, we are happy for you to contribute directly to the wiki.

Enjoy the ride.