Friday, December 31, 2021


 As some of you will be aware, the core Greenstage Power team (Max, Matt, John and Philip) have been working with Ecogy Energy a New York based company for a little while now.  For all intents and purposes the Greenstage Power team is now Ecogy Energy and all new distributed energy projects will be carried out under this banner.  With Ecogy Energy we have stepped up our ability to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy, we are using Solar PV and other Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to transform the grid.  One of our distinguishing features is the use of open source software coupled with proprietary role-based user experiences and business process layers to optimise this whole space.  Not only are we providing enhanced user experiences to our customers and our internal team, but we are working to open up opportunities for all parties via advances in the state of the art open source thinking for grid facing services in particular.
The need and the opportunity in this space is massive.  Most apparent is the need for smart open solutions and tools that will let the industry as a whole move forwards in a productive, secure and efficient manner to unlock the true value in providing dynamic DER services to the grid.

Existing customers in New Zealand are still being serviced via Greenstage Power and you can continue to leverage your existing contact points for any on-going business needs.  Just be aware that anything that looks like a less active presence in New Zealand is due to our focus on the US market and our on-going efforts with colleagues in New York and across the US as we work to accelerate the decarbonisation of global electricity grids.

Greenstage Power is a spin off from Greenstage Investments Ltd (Greenstage).  It shows what is possible with a clear positive vision of the future, combined with persistence, smarts and identifying the right partners.  Greenstage continues to offer services for future-focused business ideas and electric vehicle innovation.  We have an updated website coming soon to reflect and communicate this more clearly. Please contact Stephen Morgan on +64 221972074 for any new or on-going enquiries.