Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Solar ADR v1.0

The Greenstage Power team has been working on Solar ADR (an extension of the SolarNetwork) which is an OpenADR v1.0 compliant solution for organisations like Transmission System Operators or Lines Companies to manage demand on their grids.

This Solar ADR v1.0 solution has now reached a point where we cannot easily add value to it without an explicit commercial application, hence we will be packaging this away for when the need arises (please contact us if you have such a need!).

In the mean time, we will be putting our focus into the home owners Smart Grid experience. Again this is an extension of the SolarNetwork and it will be a major overhaul including significant enhancements to the current SolarNetwork console. The purpose of this is to give the home owner visibility and control over their systems performance. Our goal is to 100% provide benefits to the home owner!

Here are some screenshots of the SolarADR product:

Stay tuned for more details :)

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