Saturday, December 13, 2008

Half shafts and software installed

Today our goal was to install the half shafts and have a go at loading the inverter software.

On the mechanical side of things, Frank and Ed installed the half shafts without too many issues. We had to muck around splitting the gearbox end of the shafts open to get them past the chassis but nothing that needed any grinding. The pins are in, filled with grease, but not siliconed and taped yet. Also, we need to torque the bolts (must not forget this!).

After a bit of mucking around Tom and Ed managed to load the inverter software, we did manage to engage the contactors, but no motor rotation as yet. It may be that the configuration needs to be updated for the WS28 version of the Siemens motor? We need to get some direction from the supplier because as far as we can see everything is correctly configured and wired up. Hopefully its something simple.

To finish the day off, we took the GS750V to the Pukekohe race track to get a few 2008 pictures of the car and the Greenstage Racing Team. This had been on the todo list for a while and we needed to get it sorted before everyone departed for Xmas. We got some nice shots while chatting with a few of the remaining motorcycle crowd (they had been at the track all day and were packing up as we arrived). It's great fun when people show an interest, especially when they find out it's electric and give us the big thumbs up!

So, another step forward and a few more still to go. Heaps of thanks to Frank, Ed, Tom, Thomas, Emma and Hugh. You guys rock!

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