Sunday, March 22, 2009


A long term stated goal of Greenstage has been to promote and develop open source technology. I thought this would play out significantly in the future, once we had the GS750V completed and racing. The immediate issues with our inverter are preventing the completion of the GS750V, interestingly they have also created an opportunity to bring our long term plans forward and hence solve our current problems. All in one go! On the Wednesday just gone we hosted an international launch party for a number of open source EV projects. The event was a gathering of very capable people showing much enthusiasm for the projects and EV technology in general. These projects are collectively being developed under the Tumanako banner (Tu manako is Māori for hope & togetherness) and so far aspects of Tumanako have received commitment for technical and financial support from 5 different entities (and I expect more to follow): EV Drive - Bob Simpson Metric Mind Corporation - Victor Tichonov Disruptive Enterprises - Alex Smith Lynx Innovation - Kevin Huljich Greenstage - Team Greenstage As well as the open source technical design and development I am very aware of the importance of fostering and developing commercial manufacturing, testing, packaging and sales aspects of the resulting products. Without this the projects will become just another wad of information that only a small subset of people can make use of. The commercial entities supporting and bringing these open source products to market will provide consumers and OEM's with the opportunity to leverage these products with confidence. Combined with the long term technical benefits of open source development, this synergistic commercial manufacturing has the very real opportunity to create a strong and attractively priced set of products. To learn more about the Tumanako projects, visit our Tumanako Launch wiki page where you can see some of the presentations and photos from the evening. The Tumanako projects are being hosted on SourceForge and changes will be visible as development progresses. We already have a formidable team and this team will only grow and get stronger as the projects progress. If you have an interest in the outcome of these projects, or you would like to get involved, please let us know. Let the fun begin!


Athenai said...

Dear all,
we are working on a RTOS for automotive application free and opensource ;)
Maybe you can be interested for your project! Download it at

All the best

Davide (

Philip Court said...

Hi Davide, thanks for the link and information. With the Tumanako project, thanks to Bernard, we are just beginning to utilise the light weight QP frameworks ( to provide core structure and replace the need for a RTOS. I think this is going to be more appropriate for our current needs, but we will definitely keep an eye on the Erika RTOS! I suspect this will be useful in the future...

Open Source is becoming more useful and powerful all the time, connecting the dots is fun :)

Keep it up.