Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saker GS750V Dyno run

Thursday evening we commissioned the Tumanako control board for the first time on the test bench motor (check it out here). This gave us confidence to install and use it in the GS750V for the dyno run the next day...

This optimism proved to be slightly misplaced as we uncovered a couple of unexpected digital IO issues and a motor configuration and/or DC supply not up to establishing a baseline set of figures from the dyno. So not 100% happy, but given that our goals for the day included equipment familiarisation and commissioning the rectified DC supply, it was still a valuable exercise.

Big thanks to Ed, Mark, John and the Wintec team for making the day possible.

Next up, a test rig for the GS750V's WS28 Motor (1.1kW test rigs only go so far), a bikini pack (2 minute hill climbs) and more Open Source inverter progress (bring on the KiwiAC!).

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