Sunday, June 10, 2012

KiwiAC driving Switch EV Induction motor

We have recently been helping to commission a new induction motor made be Switch EV (a NZ manufacturer).  We are pretty happy with the results so far and hope to be showing vehicle based dyno (dynamometer) results in the near future. For now though, here are some videos and images to whet your appetite.

The motor shown is being driven via a Gen 1 SKAI with a Greenstage KiwiAC control board and a 330V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack providing the energy.

As you can see the brake rotor on the dyno gets quite hot (hence the smoke!), it is absorbing the energy from the motor when we load it up to measure the torque.

Zero RPM torque tests showed we were achieving in excess of 600 Nm, which is "heaps" of torque and matching nicely with design goals.  Unfortunately the dyno didn't quite measure up and soon after we snapped the shear pin on the shaft.

Never mind, the dyno did its job and the Switch EV motor is ready for the next stage!  Stay tuned for more information...

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Smoking impressive !