Saturday, January 30, 2010

Show and Shine

OK, missed a few days in the blog. Here is the summary (check out Eva's blog for more details).

Great weather, great people, awesome fun!

Wintec Hamilton:
These guys have great facilities and the people that turned out were very tunned in to the technology. Plenty of interest here in Hamilton.

Day one 4 and Rotary Nationals (Show and Shine):
Wicked event, people and cars everywhere and some amazingly well presented cars! We were presenting from one of the center stages so we got lots of traffic and attention. Plenty of people already keen on electric vehicles and those new to the technology seemed to be either confused, stunned or worried when they heard about the performance potential!

Tomorrow is the big day though. The rubber hits the road as the KillaCycle is given a chance to do the business in its first outing in NZ.

Scotty (who arrived in NZ this morning) will be charged with driving the KillaCycle to find out. Can he beat Ian Wilkin's and Afterburner, his high octane nitrous injected bike?

Come and see it all at Meremere tomorrow (the KillaCycle is racing at about noon)!

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