Monday, January 25, 2010


We have had a brilliant day here today in Palmerston North.

To start with, Eva arrived safely just before the start of the ZeroNow event, Bill is much happier now :)

After being introduced to everyone Eva was happy to be in NZ and quickly emersed herself in the event and everything that was going on.

The ZeroNow event was situated in the open area in front of Te Manawa and it included a diverse collection of technologies many demonstrating high efficiency and high performance in the same package. Of course Eva, Bill and the KillaCycle fitted right in.

Here Eva is attaching a couple of the NZ tour sponsors logos (ZeroNow and ECONZ Timecard) to the KillaCycle.

With all the energy efficiency being demonstrated, Athol felt he needed to take up a bit of the slack. He fired up his nitro methane powered bike to check that no one was asleep and to ensure that as a group we were contributing our fare share of emissions. That cleared out the ears!

The KillaCycle was not the only high performance electric bike, Iain Jerrett had his electric road bike on display as well. What an amazing job he has done! This is a very professional conversion.

Check out the details on his website here.

Big ups to Athol, Bill, Eva, Tom, Tabitha, Ed, Craig, Andrew and Jon (and everyone else in this extended team). These guys are all committed to making a difference, they are amazing people!

Thanks also to everyone displaying products or who came along to see what was happening. It was a big turn out and I know we all had a lot of fun.

The KillaCycle Tour just keeps getting better!

Stay tuned...

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