Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Greenstage Gathering 2012

Yes, it's time for another Greenstage gathering!

It's a one day event being held from 10am till 3pm, on Sunday 18th November at 19 Newton Rd in Auckland (head down Newton Rd from Khyber Pass Rd, it's just past the North Western motorway over-bridge on the left, just before you get to Ponsonby Rd).  Parking is available in the nearby back streets and pay and display parking is available on the corner of Karangahape Rd and Gundy St.

Grouse EVs

As well as having a bit of fun and showing off a few grouse EVs, the purpose of the gathering is to launch new clarity around desirable positive actions we can collectively and individually take to make life more enjoyable, less costly and overall better for everyone and the environment.

The Future is Now:

1) it's desirable
2) it's community focused
3) it's knowledge driven (and fuelled by sharing)
4) it's high tech and high performance!
5) and it's a whole lot of FUN!

Here's some of what will be happening on the day:
  • Join the launch of a distributed energy Co-op (sign up for cheaper renewable power)
  • Meet Vik and the RepRap fabricating physical Open Source components (print your own objects!)
  • Talk to the experts about photovoltaic systems with storage and SolarNetwork monitoring and control
  • See and learn about the Greenstage GS750V (now with high performance race battery)
  • Talk with the owner of the Switch EV Ute (NZ designed and built electric induction motor, controller and instrumentation!)
  • Learn about the Tumanako Dashboard (controlling SolarNetwork EV charge points from an Android phone)
  • See the ScottDrive powered Honda Prelude (exceptional NZ designed and built motor controller and powerstage!)
  • See the Switch EV Toyota Celica (a very tidy conversion, powered by solar generated electricity - no fuel bills)
  • Marvel at the Tesla Roadster (Yes! The world's leading high performance electric road car)
  • Consider the Nissan Leaf  (a very practical mid sized EV)
  • Investigate the Mitsubishi i-MiEV (a nice 4 seat EV)
  • Drink Coffee (it's Sunday morning)
  • Eat solar hotdogs (weather permitting)
  • Listen to live Music!!! (Grey Lynn dogs and more)

In addition to the look point and talk discussions and conversations in the carpark, there will be a number of scheduled presentations indoors:
  • 11:30 am - The RepRap, Vik builds a casing for the KiwiAC bluetooth module (which is used to talk wirelessly with the Tumanako Dashboard)
  • 12:30 pm - Co-op Launch
  • 1:30 pm - Tumanako Dashboard (Android powered EV dashboard and charge controller)

Please email if you plan on coming along (we need a rough idea of numbers), also, if you have any ideas or suggestions to make the event even better.

Let us know!

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Philip Court said...

Check out the review of the day here: http://blog.greenstage.co.nz/2012/11/sunday-in-review-greenstage-gathering.html