Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 10

Today we went shopping. Yes, it was the trip we planed on Monday. Took about 2 hours, but we got all the items: threaded rod, 2 radiator caps (one for the radiator and one for the header tube at the top of the system because the radiator is at the bottom), radiator and heater hose, dash switches, ignition key, fuse box and brake fluid).

In the workshop we completed the contactor bracket and and prepared the mounting points for the new radiator (it is smaller than normally used so the deflectors needed to be enlarged). Bruce had a small heomorage when he relised one of his measurements for the machining being done to the halfshaft was wrong. Luckily he got through to the machine shop before they started the job. All turned out well :)

Earlier in the day I sent out an email to various people I know, have been in contact with recently or that might be interested in what we are doing. Already I have had a lot of positive feedback on the project. Unfortunately though, for those that were new to the site and happened to have saved the blog's RSS feed, they will have probably got a bad feed address (this has only been a problem in the last 16 hrs). It's fixed now, but of course if you are relying on the rss feed, you wont be reading this!? Never mind...

Tomorrow lots of things are coming together. Final installation of dash, windscreen goes in, seats should be complete, boss kit and steering wheel arrives, inverter mount points completed. It's all coming together.

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