Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 7

Sunday. A bit of a late start all round. Gave me a chance to write a few emails and read up on a few things. Bruce and his son have introduced me to rFactor which is a virtual racing game, so I spent a bit of time exploring opportunities here. With the digital models Michael has done and help from Bruce and Co I expect we will be able to get a virtual electric Saker into the game without too much hassle (I'm sure Bruce will want to do a few petrol powered ones as well).

Anyway, after everyone arrived, Bruce started his day by feeding the animals (as usual, except this time the film crew captured the moment). While this was happening, I tidied up the lower seat mounts (wire brush and file) before giving them a coat of paint. The upper mounts are aluminum, so these don't need any paint. Bruce then set about mounting the seats in a position to cater for the larger drivers (small and medium drivers will need an appropriately sized insert). The upholsterer will be taking the seats on Monday so this job has been finished just in time.

The POT box had its first test installation, after fabricating the aluminum mounting bracket. I tested out the travel of the arm and link. It all worked fine when connected to the POT arms bottom hole, but not so good when connected to the others. I will need to cut a small amount off the corner of the retaining cover to remedy this. The picture below shows all the parts (from the left the aluminum parts are: spacer, retaining cover, POT arm and mounting bracket).
Bruce and I also spent a fair bit of time discussing inverter and contactor placement within the car. Fair to say we discussed and measured a number of different options. It's surprising how many new options you can come up with when you have physical items and the car in front of you. After believing we had determined the perfect location on at least two occasions we finished the evening having settled on what we believe is the best location, combining safety, low center of gravity and short cable lengths (no guarantee we wont change our minds overnight though). The inverter will be mounted in the rear, flush with the rear firewall standing vertically on its end and the contactor is to be mounted above the motor (the contactor is not overly heavy, but it is quite voluminous).

Tomorrow we need to do a final check off of the things we need to do, organise or purchase. We already know we need to go into town to get a few things so we also want to double check our shopping list is complete. So far we have:
  • Check up on the delivery date of the steering wheel and boss kit
  • Get the seats to the upholsterer
  • Get the external emergency knob and cable (it will activate the internal cuttoff switch)
  • Complete the machining on the half shafts
  • Design and fabricate the mount points for the inverter and the contactor box
  • Mount the batteries for the temporary battery pack
  • Mount the 12V axillary battery
  • Size the temporary battery pack cover/enclosure and arrange to have it made.
  • Check on the trailer progress
  • Complete the 12V auxiliary wiring
  • Complete the high voltage wiring (Inverter, contactor and battery pack)
  • Tidy up the interior and dash
  • Get the front window installed
  • Install the fire extinguisher
  • Install harnesses (just clip them in hopefully)
  • Wheel alignment/spring height
  • Finalise transport arrangements to get myself and the car back to Auckland
Should be easy!?

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