Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 11

One and a half days until the car and I return to Auckland. Work harder!

Since the windscreen was booked in to be installed at 2pm today, we needed to get the dash permanent installed. Some of the switches I was waiting for had not arrived, so I ran cables without the switches attached, this job would be twice as hard with the dash installed. The dash (which is now black) is riveted in and waiting for the glazier. It's starting to look nice.

The glazier arrived pretty much on time as I was tidying up and making sure the felt was sitting nicely above the dash board. Clint went through his preparations, cleaning the glass and masking the edges etc. The glass had some glue residue from the tape that had held it in place over the last 9 months while it has been waiting for us! A bit of turps and a glass scraper did the trick. The end result is quite stunning. The car looks so much better with the front window in.

After the dash and window saga, I completed the radiator install (a few bolts and a couple of brackets hold it down against high density stick on foam attached to the new air deflectors (required for the small radiator).

Bruce and Paul continued with the welding and grinding... Inverter mount points are now sorted and Bruce has started shortening the central harness mount points because the stuck out far to much and caused issues with space.

Anyway, time for bed. The car is looking good.

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