Saturday, September 6, 2008

Speed show push - Day six (the motor goes in)

Slept in to 7:45 this morning. Was a treat for me since I've been staying up far to late recently.

The major achievement today was getting the motor and transaxle mount points finished and dropping everything into place to check it all out. Everything fits as planned.

Also, the accelerator pedal has been fitted to the car and a suitable area identified for the POT box. The dash also got a lick of black satin paint (it was decided that the bare aluminum metal would not be good for glare).

The film crew turned up early afternoon and got some good footage for the documentary. We made sure there was always a convenient and comfortable position for them to film from :)

It is Father's day tomorrow here in NZ and I am away from the family with this project so I will miss the morning rarching that the kids would normally give me. I'm sure they will save it up with twice the energy for when I get back at the end of next week. Also my son's "Let's get inventing" episode is on TV at 5pm. An extra long call home will be required!

Time for bed. More progress tomorrow...

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