Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 9

I have transport back to Auckland! My brother is going to be in the area and has offered to stay an extra night to take the car and myself back up the island (to Thames anyway). This is good because the best transporter option we could find was going to pick the car up Monday and deliver it on Tuesday which is not ideal (I want to be back in Auckland Monday at the latest).

Today Bruce and I sorted out the floor pan area for the temporary battery pack and I ordered a couple of acrylic covers for the pack to keep fingers out while the rear of the car is off (this is not a long term solution, but will serve a important purpose while we have the test pack in).

Bruce also got into building the mount point for the contactor. we are creating an aluminum frame (which bolts to the top of the motor) to hold it. Bruce has cut all the aluminum so it is ready to be welded tomorrow.

I finalised positions for various buttons today (nothing is final until the holes are drilled). This meant I was able to start running wires and creating the looms for the various sets of buttons and switches (e.g. up, down, select and menu button loom for the dash2 on board computer). Still a bit more to do and I would like to get another key switch because the one I have from Bruce is missing a few bits and seems to have a strange auxillary behaviour (haven't tested it out electricaly, but mechanically it doesn't seem right).

Three days until departure.

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